This Is War


We better understand right now that Satan is a merciless killer and destroyer!
He’s playing for keeps—an eternity of burning doom and unimaginable hell. Make no mistake about it, he’s a master deceiver—he transforms himself into an angel of light. Better wake up America!

THIS IS WAR! His death factories are thriving from coast to coast in our land, slaughtering countless unborn children on the blood altars of a rebellious and prideful generation that is drunk on their self indulgences and sexual immorality. And our government gladly forces us to pay for these murders of abomination and blood baths—Absolutely Sickening!

THIS IS WAR! Our kids are (still masked) and being indoctrinated and violated with queer and perverted filth in our schools at the youngest age. The things that so-called “teachers” are introducing and “educating” our precious kids to right now in America’s schools is straight out of the depths of hell itself. Who will stand up for innocent ones? Where is the moral outcry in every city? Why do we tolerate the victimization of our children? Why do we tolerate this sickening LGBTQ filth agenda warring against the souls of our children? This has got to STOP! You don’t compromise and make concession with demons...Call it what it is — SIN! DEMONIC! PERVERSION! ABOMINATION!

THIS IS WAR! The sex trafficking and porn industry is torturing and violating children with unimaginable horrors everywhere all in the name of entertainment to feed the monsters of debauchery that is plaguing America! This has to STOP!!!

For the sake of our precious children — FOR GOD’S SAKE —STAND UP, PRAY UP, SPEAK UP, FIGHT AGAINST THIS EVIL ANY WAY YOU CAN RIGHT NOW IN THE SPIRIT AND THE NATURAL AND DO NOT DELAY! Take a place of authority and fight this evil! Fight for the souls and innocence of our beautiful children! This is not America’s “new normal”...I refuse!  

ALMIGHTY GOD, OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN —raise up deliverers! Raise up protectors! Raise up reformers! Raise up fathers and mothers! Raise up healers! Raise up defenders! Raise up avengers as unstoppable weapons in Your hand to destroy this vile evil!

GOD IS STILL ASKING: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"  
— Psalms 94:16

Is it you? I pray it is!

— Brian Gibbs
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Helen - May 19th, 2022 at 6:03am

Thank you for your amazing GH 15 post and for this amazing post and for being a Christian leader not afraid of applying the gospel to the arena of government!

Charleen. Ghan - October 4th, 2022 at 6:23pm

It’s so encouraging to read this decree

Enough is enough; Let God arise in us

and let All of His enemies be scattered