A Holy Habitation

A Holy Habitation
The Priority of Worship at Victory. 

—from Brian Gibbs

I have people come to me so often to visit Victory and thank me for hosting the Presence of the Lord and letting real worship be released and unhindered. I have never been one who bought into the 18 to 21 minute structure and benchmark of worship so that we can facilitate a quick gathering to get the Saints in and out. Quite the opposite—we come bearing gifts of love, honor and thanksgiving to our King—presenting our hearts and to give Jesus all that He is worthy of. Our worship is quality time well spent before The Throne.

The Lord is now ready to build his people into a dwelling place for his presence. Jesus has prepared the church to be a temple built of “living stones”—that’s you and me! When we gather together, we become a place for God to dwell and for the dominion of His Kingdom to be established; the King is literally “enthroned” in our praises (Psalm 22:3). When we worship, God will come and dwell with us, with all the weight of His glory, His rulership and his dominion.

In this atmosphere—where worship ushers in the presence of God—there are four important qualities that are released that builds His habitation. First, the Word becomes “incarnated” (the Word becomes flesh or a present tense reality) in people, it becomes life, not just an intellectual exercise. Second, the people are healed in an ongoing pattern of God‘s presence. Third they come to truly know the Lord experientially as His kingdom is establish within and upon them. And finally, as God empowers His people, their worship drives out the borders of hell‘s domain.

When we come together in a worship service, God‘s people are built up as a habitation for His presence, as the “living stones” of His temple. Through our worship, an intimate and vibrant relationship with the living God is made possible: His assignment for us as His “royal priesthood” is restored; we become ministering agents of His resurrection life to the world; and we are enabled to move in the expanding dominion and rulership He intended for humankind from the beginning.

The priority of worship will always remain within the centerpiece of Victory. God has filled us with a growing and progressive vision for His habitation (a resting place) burning on the altar here in Sarasota. Part of this great assignment is our daily responsibility to build a pure and holy habitation of His glory through a lifestyle worship and praise.

For His Glory!

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Carol Stecher - November 26th, 2021 at 12:20pm

Keep building the altar of true worshiop in Your BRIDE, Lord Jesus!!!