21 Day Fast | Day 15

21 Day VICTORY Fast | Day 15
From Pastor Brian Gibbs
January 18th, 2021

Good morning, dear friends! Today is day fifteen as we have entered a very special time of consecration and humility and we open the door to a deeper, more intimate and more powerful relationship with our Father!

Bren and I are blessed that you have chosen to participate in the VICTORY FAST by setting aside 21 days to pray, fast and draw near to God. Fasting is not just an exercise for super-spiritual people. It is actually supposed to a part of every believer’s personal and private spiritual life. Personally, we have found there is no better way to reset our spiritual compass and bring about change and discipline in every area of our lives than through fasting.

We pray that you will experience the presence and power of God in an extraordinary way as you
commit yourself to Him over the next 21 days. May God continue to bless you and ignite your passion for Him as you seek Him first!

For these 21 days together, I will provide a daily biblical focus and some thoughts to encourage and strengthen you throughout the fast.


Day 15

Victory is a lifestyle. I have often said that God does not call us into a season of fasting and prayer—He will always call and invite us into a lifestyle of fasting and prayer.

A lifestyle of victory is not a seasonal mentality of pressing in here and there. It is a continual and
passionate pursuit for the heart of God—a perpetual life of revival, advancing His kingdom in the earth. The pattern Jesus laid out in Matthew 6 looks like this: He said, “when you give”…”when you pray”…”when you fast”. Notice Jesus didn’t say “if” you fast.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 “...and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” The threefold cord of a believer’s lifestyle is giving, praying and fasting.

God desires for everyone of us to apprehend breakthroughs and victories in life. Disciplining our
lifestyle to God’s three-cord pattern will keep us focused and prepared in adversity, challenges and
attack. In this fast, remember, God is ahead of you preparing the way of 2021 to lead you into triumph. Be encouraged—regardless of what we may face on the terrain of a New Year, your destiny is triumph and victory in Christ. It is settled in heaven, so let it be settled I your heart here in the earth realm. Your purpose is victory. His name is Victory! I declare His banner of victory waves over your head today and forever!

Be strengthened and refreshed today in your fast. Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God wins victory after victory and is always with you. He celebrates and sings because of you, and he will refresh your life with his love.”

Make it a great day and be blessed!
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