21 Day Fast | Day 1

21 Day VICTORY Fast | DAY 1
From Brian Gibbs
January 4, 2021
Good morning, dear friends! Together, we begin a very special time of consecration and humility and we open the door to a deeper, more intimate and more powerful relationship with our Father!
Bren and I are blessed that you have chosen to participate in the VICTORY FAST by setting aside 21 days to pray, fast and draw near to God. Fasting is not just an exercise for super-spiritual people. It is actually supposed to a part of every believer's personal and private spiritual life. Personally, we have found there is no better way to reset our spiritual compass and bring about change and discipline in every area of our lives than through fasting.
We pray that you will experience the presence and power of God in an extraordinary way as you commit yourself to Him over the next 21 days. May God continue to bless you and ignite your passion for Him as you seek Him first!

For these 21 days together, I will provide a daily biblical focus and some thoughts to encourage and strengthen you throughout the fast.
Scripture Reading for today: Matthew 6:1-34
Fasting and prayer is a sacred trust and personal devotion of love unto the Lord. Remember how Jesus taught us in Matthew chapter 6 about giving, praying and fasting — these are not religious duties my friends — they are love languages!
Jesus emphasized this "secret place" of intimacy with our Father God — this is a place we have grown to treasure and a place where we hear the sweet whispers of His voice. This is where we learn to receive his love, mercy, grace, wisdom, council, revelation, power and so much more.  
There are oceans of God’s heart to discover in that place of love with Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father!
Start your fast with joy and expectation of new and fresh revelations in the secret place of worship and in the Word of God every day.  May the Scriptures come alive and sweep you off your feet again. Put your spiritual scuba gear on and go deep sea diving in His book of Love. Lift your hands today in worship and honor and tell Father God how much you love and value Him...let the tears flow down your face...regardless of circumstances and challenges…let your mouth be filled with joy and laughter...let your heart be filled with wonder of His Love!
DAY #1
Have you ever been searching for a radio station only to be frustrated by finding static rather than music? You then focus to fine tune the dial again, and suddenly you hear a clear signal. The fact is; the signal always existed on the airwaves; the only difference is that now you have adjusted your tuner to the right frequency.  

In our hectic lives, there are so many “signals” bombarding our senses that it can become difficult to distinguish God’s voice from the deafening “static noise” and busyness of life. Fasting enables us to tune out the world’s distractions and tune our hearts into God.  
As we fast, we deny our flesh. When we deny our flesh, we become more in tune to the Holy Spirit and can hear God’s voice more clearly. If you truly listen for God’s voice, you will hear it. When you hear it, it will build faith within you. If you desire to tune out the static of life and really tune into the voice of God, come to Him first and foremost with ears that are willing to listen and a heart that is ready to obey what he says. The more that we set our priority of being in His presence, the clearer and more recognizable His voice becomes.  

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” — John 10:27

In this time of fasting, what is your mind tuned to?  What distractions do you need to remove so that you can focus on God?  Prepare your heart to hear the voice of God, and ask God to help you remove distractions that keep you from focusing on Him and hearing Him clearly.  

Make it a great day and be blessed!
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