Furthering The Kingdom

Greetings to you, Victory Family & Light The Fire partners all across the world. On behalf of Victory: A Church of His Presence and Light The Fire Ministries, I am privileged to bring to you the brand new VictoryFLA app! Over the past several months, our Media Team has been working hard on our new website as well as this new app and we can finally say that all the hard work has paid off.

The reason we created this app is to have a central place for both our local and extended church family. That no matter your location, you can be a part of what God is doing at Victory. We also wanted to be able to bring more to the church outside of our weekend services so that church isn’t just a “weekend event”. Through the app we have podcasts, devotions, music, originals, and so much more! There is even more to come that we are super excited to announce in the coming weeks and months!

As I said, we have a lot of content and resources through the app. Our goal is to be able to impart to you on a daily basis whether it be through our devotional studies, our podcasts, our blogs and articles such as this one, our music, and again, so much more to come! We want to have a place to help further your walk with the Lord and the advancement of the Kingdom through technology and media. The things that are to come on the app, we have more podcasts, devotionals, Bible studies, and a new prayer series!

Available on the Apple IOS and TVOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Roku. To be up to date on all of these resources, be sure to have notifications turned on for the app to get all the latest info. To support the app, be sure to give it a 5 star rating on the App Store and leave a nice review. This pushes the app to more people and helps get it into the hands of others.

If you’d like to support the ministry, you can do so in the app or at www.victoryfla.com/give. If you have any questions concerning the app, you can contact us directly at media@victoryfla.com.

Josiah Gibbs
Media Director

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